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Supermarket Gift Set

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Out of stock

The Supermarket Gift Set includes over 100 accessories, 2 figures, Toy Wagon and Crepe Shop.



Trip to the supermarket might be one of the more mundane tasks on a Sylvanian's to-do list, but it's still an important part of their day. And many of the Sylvanian children love to visit this bright little supermarket which is bursting' with fruit and veg, bread, and lovely meals for the family to eat together. As well as the supermarket itself, and lots of shelving units, set also comes with a trolley to hold food and enough grub for the whole Sylvanian Village. Whether they need to buy carrots or cereal, this shop has everything a Sylvanian Family could need for mealtimes.

It can also be connected to the Toy Shop and Sweet Store, making a busy Sylvanian High Street. The gift set also comes with the Toy Wagon, Crepe Shop, Grey Cat Father and Chocolate Rabbit Girl figures. 

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