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Baby Costume Series 6

In stock
In stock

Baby Costume Series is the 6th series of our ever popular collectable blind bags.


The series has 8 collectibles with each bag containing a baby figure, a fun costume and an accessory. Collect them all and try on different outfits! What will you find inside the bag? You wont know until you open it! There are 8 types, including 1 secret figure.

What will you find inside your blind bag?

1.       Crème Chocolate in mermaid costume
2.       Angelica Marlow in princess costume
3.       Matthew Buckley in wizard hat
4.       Brianna Persian in ghost costume
5.       Jenny Brightfield with fairy wand
6.       Alyssa Walnut in pirate hat
7.       Henry Periwinkle in price costume
8.       Mystery eight figure with accessory!

Combine with products like the Baby Amusement Park, Royal Carriage Set, Baby Star Carousel and Spooky Surprise House and other baby figures for even more enjoyable amusement park play (all sold separately).

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