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Bakery Shop Starter Set

In stock
In stock

A Bakery Shop Starter Set with an oven to bake bread and register with an opening drawer.

Enjoy over 20 cute realistic looking baked goods!


The Bakery Shop Starter Set comes with lots of toy baked goods for fun and varied bakery pretend play. Place the bread on the oven tray, turn the dial and bake the bread.

Combine with the Red Roof Cosy Cottage (sold separately) to turn the house into a bakery.
The set includes: Oven, Drawer, Oven tray, register, signboard, Awning, Shelf, Display stand, Table, Hat, Apron, Basket, Basket tray, Tongs, Rolling pin, Dough, Rabbit bun, Squirrel bun, Mouse bun, Bear bun, Cat bun, Dog bun, Panda bun, House bun, Bread roll, Pumpkin bun, Custard bun, Round loaf, Braided bread, Melon shaped bread, Rye bun, Croissant, Crusty loaf, Twist bun, Batard, Parisian, Baguette (a total of 37 pieces).

Combine the included signboard with the Red Roof Cosy Cottage balcony (sold separately, as shown below) and dress the Chocolate Rabbit Girl in the apron and hat to turn the house into a bakery. You can also combine the signboard with the Family Picnic Van (sold separately) to turn the van into a mobile bakery.

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