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Classic Brown Sofa Set

In stock
In stock

*** Limited Edition***

The Classic Brown Sofa Set is part of our online Exclusive collection.


The Classic Brown Sofa Set contains mature-looking, dark-coloured furniture. It comes with removable fabric, so you can easily switch the sofa material according to your mood. Create a stunning living room with just this set.

Includes: 2 x Sofa, Armchair, 1 x Table, 1 x Container, 1 x Mug, 1 x Magazine, 2 x Interchangeable Material (for Sofa), 4 x Interchangeable Material (for Armchair).

Combine with Classic Brown Televison & Telephone Set (sold separately) as shown below to create a perfect living room scene. Also combine other houses and furniture (sold separately) for enjoyable pretend play.


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