Availability and Price

    Will I be billed for an item in my order that is temporarily out of stock?

    No, we only charge credit cards for items in the shopping cart that are currently available.

    Do you deliver to my country?

    We currently only deliver to: England, Wales, UK Islands, most of Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is not possible for us to deliver to some UK postcodes. If you have a query on delivery please Contact Us .

    Why is the price of the same set different on Sylvanian Families compared to other toy stores?

    When comparing prices for Sylvanian Families sets, please be aware that we cannot have control over the prices that retailers charge.

    What is an out of stock item?

    Occasionally, if an item is very popular, we may not have enough stock to fulfill all orders immediately or new stock doesn't come early enough. Therefore if you select an item that is sold out then a warning message will appear and unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase that product at that time. If you would like to know when a product will be in stock please Contact Us.