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For Parents

family playing with sylvanian families

All of the Sylvanian Families products have five characteristics which help to educate children whilst enjoying the toys.

sylvanian families doing some washing

Developing motor skills

Children will learn how to perform task in their daily life such as cleaning by posing the figures to carry out the actions needed to complete the tasks. 

sylvanian families at the clinic

Imitating the daily life of adults

By playing with the animal figures and playsets and mimicking the behaviour of human beings, our products bring familiar surroundings to life. Children will be naturally inspired to imitate their own household and professional jobs they might want to do when they grow up. 

sylvanian families hoovering

Fostering interpersonal communication skills

Children will develop their communication skills and learn to care for others by exploring a variety of play patterns where they can identify with the characters they play with. 

sylvanian rabbit rolling some dough

Stimulating interest in education and art and deeping curiosity

The detailed design of the figures, the life-like features of the dollhouses with the intricately designed furniture, the high quality of the toys are perfect in every detail. The products will stimulate the children's interest in education and art fostering an appreciation of the beauty. 

sylvanian families house

Fostering creativity and imagination

With the entire world to play with, children's imagination will have no limits. By combining buildings and decorating them with the furnitiure of their choice, they will develop their sense of space and readiness.