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Log Cabin

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In stock

In Sylvania, the Log Cabin is everyone's favourite holiday hideaway.


The Log Cabin boasts all the essential bits 'n' bobs you need for a relaxed getaway in the woods. The steps to the cabin can be transformed into a hot tub, and there are 2 hammocks for absolute luxury and relaxation. Your Sylvanians can even climb up to the roof terrace using the ladder and marvel at the beauty surrounding them.

If your Sylvanians are looking for a luxury break and some peace and quiet, then this could be just the place for them to get some quality rest and recuperation. Whether they want to sit on the porch with some fruit tea, or dip their paws into the hot tub, this is the perfect hutch for Sylvanians looking to catch up on some zzzs and spend some quality family time together.

Connects to Treehouse & Seaside Restaurant for more fun!

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