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Baby Camping Series 5

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Baby Camping Series is the 5th series of our ever popular collectable blind bags.


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The series has 9 collectibles with each bag containing a baby figure and a camping accessory. What will you find inside the bag? You wont know until you open it! There are 9 types, including 1 secret figure.

What will you find inside your blind bag? 

In Series 5: 

1) Chocolate Rabbit baby with frying pan

2) Walnut Squirrel baby with guitar

3) Beaver baby with bonfire

4) Tuxedo Cat baby with bucket

5) Persian Cat baby with lantern

6) Bear baby with corn

7) Deer baby with binoculars

8) Cottontail Rabbit baby with bandana

9) Secret figure and accessory  (Shhhhh!) 

Combine with the Adventure Tree House (sold separately), Lakeside Lodge (sold separately), or Family Campervan (sold separately) for even more enjoyable pretend play.

Create cute camping scenes with these sets.