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Baby Treat Series

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Enjoy the surprise of finding out what's inside the bag! 

The Baby Treats Series are cute and fun to collect, with a baby figure and dessert-themed accessory in every bag. Total of eight types, including one secret bag.

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What will you find inside your blind bag? 

  • Marshmallow Mouse baby with Marshmallow Mouse Cake and Cake Plate
  • Koala baby with Koala Ice Cream
  • Snow Rabbit baby with Rabbit Waffle and Plate
  • Bear baby with Bear Doughnut and Basket
  • Deer baby with Deer Lollipop
  • Pookie Panda baby with Panda Pancake, Plate and Fork
  • Striped Cat baby with Cat Muffin and Mug
  • Secret mystery eight figure to collect!