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Magical Baby Series 7

In stock
In stock

Baby Magical Series is the 7th series of our ever popular collectable blind bags.


The series has 8 collectibles with each bag containing a baby figure in magical costume or a prop. What will you find inside the bag? You wont know until you open it! There are 8 types, including 1 secret figure.

What will you find inside your blind bag? 

1.       Breeze Chocolate with spell book
2.       Gloria Midnight in witch costume
3.       Reggie Midnight in witch costume
4.       Justin Caramel with wizard's staff
5.       Mia Cakebread with broomstick
6.       Henry Periwinkle with cauldron
7.       Dash Kennelworth with magic lamp
8.       Shhh, Mystery eight figure to collect!


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