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Elegant Town Manor

In stock
In stock

Elegant Town Manor is a luxury two-storey house, home to Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister. 


Elegant Town Manor features a high ceiling, and the second floor has a very spacious feel to it. The second floor ceiling includes a very luxurious chandelier. Outside the door lies a stylish balcony. The spiral staircase can be used independently, and can be placed anywhere in the building.

Includes: Main Unit, Roof, Chandelier, Spiral Staircase, Ceiling, Aisle, 2 x Windows, 2 x Fences, 3 x Terrace Fences, 4 x Roof Decoration (a total of 17 pieces).

Combine with other figures and furniture (sold separately) for enjoyable pretend play or look for Elegant Town Manor Gift Set (5391) to complete the set. 

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