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Grand Department Store Gift Set

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In stock

The Grand Department Store Gift Set is the all-in-one set that includes the two-storey department store building equipped with a working lift and revolving door.

Includes a look out balcony, a Stella Chocolate Rabbit figure and the shop floors filled with Boutique Fashion Set, Cosmetic Beauty Set, Fashion Showcase Set, and Chocolate Lounge

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The Grand Department Store is an iconic department store in town with fancy decorations and eye-catching engravings. The set comes with a two-storey department store building and an entrance tower; there’s also a lookout balcony, perfect for spotting your friends from. You can decorate the various shops with the included Boutique Fashion Set, Cosmetic Beauty Set, Fashion Showcase Set, Chocolate Lounge and the Town Girl Series - Chocolate Rabbit.

The main building has a manual lift that can carry figures to the upper storey if their legs are tired and the windows are detachable and can be replaced with the windows from other Town Series items. You can open and close the main building to enjoy different layouts, or combine the Grand Department Store with other buildings in the Town Series. 

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