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The Sylvanian Families Ultimate Bundle

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In stock

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The Sylvanian Families Ultimate Bundle

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The Sylvanian Families Ultimate Bundle includes:

Red Roof Country Home [5302]
Red Roof Cosy Cottage [5303] ~ Includes Freya (Chocolate Rabbit Girl Figure)
Chocolate Rabbit Family [4150]
Chocolate Rabbit Baby Set [5017]
Comfy Living Room Set [5339]
Kitchen Playset [5341]
Dining Room Set [5340]
Children's Bedroom Set [5338]
Triple Bunk Beds [4448]
Bath & Shower Set [5022]
Toilet Set [5020]
Walnut Squirrel Family [4172]
Walnut Squirrel Baby [5065]
Walnut Squirrel Twins [5081]
Bear Family [5059]
Bear Baby [5073]
Bear Twins [5086]
Silk Family [4175]
Silk Cat Twins [5082]

*The image includes items not part of the deal. Please read the description to know what excatly is included.

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