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Forever Your Family

Theme park


First created in 1985, Sylvanian Families is a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal characters that live, work and play in the idyllic land of Sylvania. Sylvanian Families originated in Japan and made the journey to the UK in 1987. It became an iconic toy of the ‘80s and received the UK Toy of the Year award for three years running. Sold in over 50 countries, Sylvanian Families is a global brand, with themed restaurants and a dedicated theme park in Japan. To date, more than 100 million Sylvanian Families figures have been sold worldwide.


The word Sylvan means ‘of the forest’ and the brand has three values at its heart: Nature, Love and Family.

This evergreen toy appeals to children and adults alike, from young children just making their first friends, older children about to start secondary school, right up to nostalgic adults who fondly remember the figures from their own childhoods, plus serious collectors with a passion for all things Sylvanian!

Sylvanian Families let children craft their own stories, and helps them develop social skills and emotional intelligence through imaginative play. Sylvania is a sanctuary where everyone can be part of the family, letting children learn about relationships, including being kind to each other.

As well as being a great collectible item, many Sylvanian products also connect together so that you can grow your Sylvanian Village and create your own unique Sylvanian World as your collection expands.




All of the families live in the Sylvanian Village, where everyone enjoys the world of nature. Set around everyday lives, to be enjoyed in comfort, our brand covers a range of activities in which children can explore different play patterns and create their own stories.

Rabbits sitting at table


Everyone can be a part of the family, and learn about relationships including kindness and love of others.

Rabbits in pushchair


There is a variety of houses, shops, furniture and accessories all of which are very detailed. Every figure has got a sweet, unique expression, good form and size. By the nature of the flocking the figures warm appearance is very tangible to a child.

Family in living room

Play Value

Sylvanian Families is an evergreen toy, it has a friendly appeal to everyone. It has many different aspects that appeals to a wide range of children including playing-doll, decorating the homes, collecting the furniture, and changing the outfits. There are no rules or regulations which allows children to create their own stories and to use their imaginations.

Husky Family


Sylvanian Families promotes wholesome play and has an enduring appeal which helps to develop thoughts and emotions.


For Parents

family playing with sylvanian families

All of the Sylvanian Families products have five characteristics which help to educate children whilst enjoying the toys.

sylvanian families doing some washing

Developing motor skills

Children will learn how to perform task in their daily life such as cleaning by posing the figures to carry out the actions needed to complete the tasks.

sylvanian families at the clinic

Imitating the daily life of adults

By playing with the animal figures and playsets and mimicking the behaviour of human beings, our products bring familiar surroundings to life. Children will be naturally inspired to imitate their own household and professional jobs they might want to do when they grow up.

sylvanian families hoovering

Fostering interpersonal communication skills

Children will develop their communication skills and learn to care for others by exploring a variety of play patterns where they can identify with the characters they play with.

sylvanian rabbit rolling some dough

Stimulating interest in education and art and deeping curiosity

The detailed design of the figures, the life-like features of the dollhouses with the intricately designed furniture, the high quality of the toys are perfect in every detail. The products will stimulate the children's interest in education and art fostering an appreciation of the beauty.

sylvanian families house

Fostering creativity and imagination

With the entire world to play with, children's imagination will have no limits. By combining buildings and decorating them with the furnitiure of their choice, they will develop their sense of space and readiness.

Loved since 1985