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Meet the Chocolate Rabbit Family!

Meet the Chocolate Rabbit Family!

Learn more about the charming Chocolate Rabbit Family and why they are so popular around the village!


Frasier Chocolate

Birthday: July 1

Birth Sign: Cancer

Hobbies and special skills: Baking Bread

Frasier Chocolate
Frasier is the father of the Chocolate Rabbit Family. He enjoys planning all kinds of fun events to be held in Sylvanian Village. His friends in the village love him because he throws the most wonderful parties and he is an amazing host, welcoming his friends with delicious meals he cooks, a homemade feast to share with everyone! On his days off, he likes to bake bread for his family.


Teri Chocolate

Birthday: November 17

Birth Sign: Scorpio

Hobbies and special skills: Gardening and cooking

Teri Chocolate

Teri loves to spend time with her family and coming up with fun activities for them to do. Her weekends are always filled with creativity, including designing and sewing clothes with Freya, and decorating the house with the whole family! She is a very good driver and likes taking the children on rides around Sylvanian Village. Once the little ones are off to bed, Teri enjoys relaxing on the sofa and
telling Frasier about her day.


Coco Chocolate

Birthday: February 1

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Hobbies and special skills: Football

Coco can kick a ball further than any of the other children, and knows everything about football, so if you are ever in the village and need someone to help you remember the rules of the game, he’s the rabbit to ask! He's always in a good mood and makes his friends laugh with his jokes, but he goes quiet all of a sudden in maths class because he's not very good at it.

Freya Chocolate

Birthday: October 3

Birth Sign: Libra

Hobbies and special skills: Drawing

Freya Chocolate

Freya is a cheerful girl who likes having fun with her family and friends. She often invites her friends to parties at her house and gives them delicious treats she's baked with her father. She's very creative, like her mother Teri, and she’s so good at drawing she has won lots of prizes in school competitions! Gymnastics is her favourite sport and she is practicing hard to do back handsprings.


Kabe and Breeze Chocolate

Birthday: December 12

Birth sign: Sagittarius

Kabe & Breeze Chocolate

Kabe is full of curiosity - if something catches his eye, he'll run off to see it, leaving his family worried about where he's gone. He likes playing catch with his big brother Coco, and even Coco can't believe how fast he can run after the ball.

Breeze likes watching the flowers sway in the breeze and the butterflies fluttering through the sky. She is also the only one who knows where Kabe runs away to, because she's always watching him!


Rhys Chocolate

Birthday: August 19

Birth Sign: Leo

Hobbies and special skills: Sailing

Rhys Chocolate

Rhys is the granddad of the Chocolate Rabbit Family, and is the captain of the Seaside Cruiser. He lives at the Sea Breeze Cape, and travelled to many different places on the cruiser when he was young. He gives tours of famous places around the Sea Breeze Cape, and tells lots of good stories to the visitors and his grandchildren.


Patricia Chocolate

Birthday: January 26

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Hobbies and special skills: Snorkelling

Patricia Chocolate

Chocolate Rabbit Grandmother Patricia lives at the Sea Breeze Cape and her hobby is snorkelling and sharing the wonderful things she retrieves with her family. She often gives parties on the cruiser. Her husband Rhys gave her a special handmade pearl necklace that she wears everyday.


Now that you know the Chocolate Rabbit Family, tell us in the comments: who do you think you are more alike to? Do you enjoy cooking like Frasier, or drawing like Freya?

These adorable figures would make an amazing addition to imaginative playtime, and are a staple of the Sylvanian Families world, so run to our site to order your very own Chocolate Rabbit Family set.

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