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The Secret of the Mermaid Castle

The Secret of the Mermaid Castle

In the Mermaid Area, there was water full of bubbles.

Some of the smaller babies were playing there. They looked as if they were swimming.

"Do you know where the treasure chest is?" called Crème, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Shhh!" said Linnea. "Look, Kaya's sleeping!"

So she was! Kaya, one of the little Fennec Fox babies, was napping on a shell bed, looking very peaceful.

"Let's try the boat!" Linnea suggested.

She and Crème boarded the Dream Ship.

The smaller babies came with them.

"Look!" cried Crème. "There's a cave under the submarine!"

"Maybe the treasure is there!" replied Linnea.



They tried the cave and just as they had thought, the treasure chest was there!

Crème and Linnea opened it excitedly and looked at the treasure inside.

"A crown!" cried Crème.

Linnea put the crown on Crème's head.

"Now you're a princess," she said. "A mermaid princess!"

Crème was very happy indeed.

"We match!" she said, admiring Linnea's crown.


"Time to go home, you two!" called Freya and Hayden, the Husky boy, who had come to pick them up.

"Can't we stay longer?" begged Crème.

"Why don't we swim home?" said Linnea. She had forgotten they weren't really under the sea!

Crème and Linnea made swimming movements with their arms the whole way home.


The End

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