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The Husky Family and the Best Car (Part 1)

The Husky Family and the Best Car (Part 1)

This time, it's a story about the wonderful husky family!




Vincent, the Husky father, and Avril, the Husky mother, made cars for everyone in the village. Vincent was a car designer who came up with wonderful ideas for new cars. Then Avril, who was an engineer, built them.
Nobody could make cars quite like Vincent and Avril. Their cars were very comfortable to ride in and looked so cool! Everyone from the babies to the grown-ups loved them.
Hayden, the Husky boy, and Pauline, the Husky girl, wanted to be just like their mother and father when they grew up.

One day, Hayden and Pauline came bounding up to their parents eagerly.
"Our friends said you're going to make a new car," said Pauline. "Is it true?"
"We are!" replied their mother. "It will be the best car we've ever made."
"Ooh!" cried Hayden excitedly. "Can we help?"
"Why not?" replied their father. "You can help us come up with a good design."

Hayden and Pauline sat down at the table and began to draw pictures of the cars they could make.
"Let's make a car that can go really fast!" cried Pauline, who loved speeding along on her bike. "Vroooooooom!"
Hayden liked to look for rare flowers and trees. He wanted to be a botanist—someone who studies plants.
"Let's decorate the car with flowers and leaves," he suggested. "Like this!" And with that, he drew flowers and leaves all over the doors and roof of the car he had designed.

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