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The Husky Family and the Best Car (Part 2)

The Husky Family and the Best Car (Part 2)

This is the second part of the Husky family story!

If you want to read from the beginning, click here.


Hayden and Pauline worked and worked on their designs, but they soon realised that it wasn't as easy as it looked!
"Uh oh", said Pauline. "I've forgotten the wheels! And the steering wheel!"
"So have I," replied Hayden. "This isn't much of a car."
Pauline and Hayden were very disappointed. They had tried so hard to design a good car.
Just then, their mother and father saw what they had come up with.
"What a wonderful idea!" cried their father.
"This will make a fantastic car!" agreed their mother. "Thanks, you two!"

Vincent and Avril worked on the new car in the workshop, and at last it was finished. Everyone in the village came over to see it.
When Vincent and Avril brought out their new car, Hayden and Pauline couldn't believe their eyes. Their parents had built a sled for the triplets with a beautiful flower pattern carved into it!

The villagers were very surprised indeed to see a sled instead of a car.
"We decided to make something special," explained Vincent.
"It was Hayden and Pauline's idea," added Avril.
The triplets loved their new sled. Hayden and Pauline pulled them along and they squealed with delight.
As the triplets bumped along in their sled, they began to feel sleepy. The other villagers looked on happily. Vincent and Avril had done it again.


The End



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