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The Fennec Baby Twins (Part 1)

The Fennec Baby Twins (Part 1)

Allie and Kaya, the Fennec baby twins, had become good at sitting up.

"Time to make high chairs for them!" said their father, Ronald, to their mother, Sharon.

This was an exciting project for them—Ronald was a sand artist and Sharon was a picture book writer, and they both loved coming up with ideas for things to make with their hands.

"Allie's needs to be very comfortable," said Ronald. "He always takes his time, so it takes him a while to finish his meals."

"Kaya likes looking at the stars," added Sharon. "So let's give her a high chair with a night design."

They got to work and before long they had two lovely high chairs.

"Dinner time!" called Sharon that evening.

She put Allie in his new high chair. Allie spent so much time looking around that he took even longer than usual to eat his dinner.

Meanwhile, Ronald tried to put Kaya in her high chair by the window so she could see the stars, but it was too dark and Kaya was scared.

"It looks like these high chairs were no good," said Ronald.

"We need to make different ones," agreed Sharon. "But what kind of high chairs will they like?"

Ronald and Sharon couldn't understand what had gone wrong.

Come back tomorrow for the next part!